Current Cigarette Use Continues to Decrease Among U.S. 12thGraders

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Current Cigarette Use Continues to Decrease Among U.S. 12thGraders;

Decrease in Use Among 8thand 10thGrade Students May Have Stalled

Current cigarette use among high school seniors continues to decrease, according to data from the 2010 Monitoring the Future study. In 2010, 19% of 12thgrade students reported smoking cigarettes in the past 30 days, down from the most recent peak of 37% in 1997. Current prevalence rates of cigarette use among 8th(7%) and 10th(14%) graders are also far below their peak rates. However, smoking rates among these younger students appear to have leveled off in recent years, suggesting that the decrease that began in 1997 may have stalled (see figure below). The authors note that while these long-term decreases in smoking are encouraging, “there are still significant proportions of teens putting themselves at risk for a host of serious diseases and premature death because they are taking up cigarette smoking” (p. 2).


CESAR FAX 20-06 (Cigarette Use Among 8th 10th and 12th Graders)


SOURCE: Adapted by CESAR from University of Michigan, “Smoking Stops Declining and Shows Signs of Increasing Among Younger Teens,” Press Release, 12/14/2010. Available online at


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