5 Ways to Be a Great Dad Today

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5 things you can do to be a great dad today


Being a great dad doesn’t have to be difficult.  We have five things you can do today: 

  1. Look at your children and call out their best.  Be your kid’s biggest fan. Your children are waiting for you to call out their best. They are waiting for you to give them praise and affirmation. Call out what they did right in their choices and actions. Call out what you like best about them. Call out the fact that you love them deeply.
  2. Love your children by touching them gently and speaking to them softly. There is nothing so powerful as a father’s touch. A soft and gentle touch – a hug, a kiss on the head – can make a child feel safe and secure.
  3. Listen to what your children are saying and to what they are not saying. Spend time listening to your children talk about their day. Ask them questions and listen to what they are not saying.  Listening will only take a few minutes, but the impact will last a lifetime.
  4. Leave a legacy by giving your children a memory. Make a plan to do something simple but something that your children can always remember. Read the same story each night for a month, play a certain game each week, fix the same dinner or breakfast every Saturday.
  5. Laugh with your children. Allow your children to find the joy in life that comes with innocence. Then laugh with your children in these moments and find the deepest joy that is known in the heart of a parent.

If you take the time to love, laugh, look, listen, and leave a legacy, you will find connect with your kids and be the dad they need and want you to be.


Source: http://www.fatherhood.org/Page.aspx?pid=409


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