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Emergency Supply Kit

March 29th, 2011

The Kentucky Department for Public Health recommends that families have a disaster supply kit in place for any emergency – a tornado or flood or any other risk to health and safety. 

• A three-day supply of food and water (one gallon per day per person).  Include canned and dried foods that are easy to store and prepare
• Clothing, blankets and sleeping bags
• Battery-powered radio and flashlight with extra batteries
• A First-Aid kit
• Candles and matches
• Sanitation supplies, including iodine tablets and bleach to disinfect water
• Potassium iodide to protect against radiation poisoning
• Toilet articles and special needs items for infants, older adults or disabled family members
• Extra sets of car keys and eyeglasses
• If you have a car, try to keep at least 1/2 tank of gas in it at all times.
• Cash and traveler’s checks – cash is most important in case ATMs are shut off
• Important family documents in a waterproof container
• Chemical and hazardous materials disasters can send tiny microscopic debris into the air so think about creating a barrier between yourself and any contamination. Consider having something for every family member that covers the mouth and nose. This could be several layers of a cotton T-shirt or an inexpensive filter mask from the hardware store – it is important that the material fit the face snugly so the air you breathe comes through the mask, not around it. 
• Duct tape and heavyweight garbage bags or plastic sheeting that can be used to seal windows and doors against potential contamination outside.
• Keep a smaller emergency supply kit in your car.