Diabetes Self

Facts about Diabetes

  1. In Kentucky, about 12 percent (or one out of every eight) of adults have diagnosed or undiagnosed diabetes.
  2. About 254,000 Kentucky adults have diabetes.
  3. Kentucky ranks fourth nationally in the rate of obesity and lack of physical activity.
  4. Thirteen percent of Kentucky high school students have been told they were at risk of getting diabetes, due to their nutrition and activity habits.
  5. Obesity, poor nutrition, and lack of regular physical activity are risk factors for type 2 diabetes.
  6. There is a link between diabetes and heart disease, between diabetes and stroke, and between diabetes and death. 
  7. Other risk factors for diabetes include high blood pressure, high blood fats, pre-diabetes, having a baby weighing more than 9 pounds at birth, polycystic ovary syndrome, history of blood vessel disease, 45 years old or older, family history of diabetes or being in a high-risk population.
  8. An estimated 611,000 or 40 percent of Kentucky adults aged 40 to 74 have pre-diabetes and are high-risk for developing diabetes.

The Martin County Health Department’s diabetes program conducts free classes and workshops for people to learn more about diabetes.