On-Site Sewage

How to Get a Septic System

1. Apply for a site evaluation

Visit the Martin County Health Department during environmentalist’s office hours and complete a site evaluation application. Please have information such as number of bedrooms, acreage of property and location of the property.

2. Contract a Certified Septic System Installer

A list of certified installers can be provided by the Martin County Health Department. The installer will then use the site evaluation to design and layout the system, including a proposed drawing listing all setbacks and grade shots. A Certified Inspector will issue a permit to the Certified Installer to construct the system.

3. Final Inspection

After the installation of the septic system is complete, a Certified Inspector from the Martin County Health Department will conduct a final inspection of the system. The inspector will determine if the system has been constructed according to the permit and meets the requirements of the Kentucky Onsite Sewage Disposal Systems Regulations.

Septic Tanks

To prevent pollution and health hazards, the Martin County Health Department:

  • Conducts evaluations of potential building sites.
  • Issues permits for approved sewage systems.
  • Approves onsite sewage disposal systems for public buildings, businesses and private homes.
  • Inspects onsite sewage disposal systems.
  • Conducts inspections of existing septic systems.