Tobacco Prevention
and Cessation

Clayton Cooper

Cooper Clayton

The Cooper-Clayton Method to Stop Smoking program  is a comprehensive, 13-week program that helps you stop smoking with peer support, educational guidance, and nicotine replacement products (i.e. patch, gum, lozenge).


HOT Conference

Our YOUTH are H.O.T. (Help Overcome Tobacco in Kentucky) in eastern Kentucky.  We are joining other youth across the state and taking a stand talking about the dangers of tobacco use.

Each year a youth tobacco conference is held at Highlands Regional Medical Center.  Several community groups and coalitions partner to provide our youth with tobacco facts and health statistics.  The youth are given tools to take back to their community to educate their county on tobacco facts.

Kentucky Tobacco Quit Line

1-800-QUIT NOW is a statewide telephone service that will provide brief intervention and support for people who want to stop smoking or using other tobacco products. Callers, both smokers and nonsmokers, can receive information about tobacco dependence and treatment options. Tobacco cessation counselors will staff phone lines Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.